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With one mind & one voice
glorify the God and Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ

About us

Do you miss singing in the youth conference choir or learning new songs of praise? Are you looking for a joyful activity to be involved in during the long, cold winter months? Then sign up to be part of the Southern Ontario Christadelphian Choir!


The choir was set up in 2018 for Christadelphians of all ages and musical backgrounds who would like to sing in a Christadelphian choir. We are based in Southern Ontario but if you are willing to come from further afield to join in, then we would love to have you!

We are currently made up of Christadelphians aged 15-70+, from 7 ecclesias in Ontario, but there's always room for more! In May 2019, we performed the cantata "Jesus of Nazareth" and we are about to start practices for a performance in Spring 2023, God willing.


As we are so spread out, area coordinators will organize practices for your location and will decide when practices will be held, based on ecclesial schedules and what is convenient for most people, etc. Each area coordinator should aim to organize a practice session for their group approx. every week.


We will aim to have 2-3 combined choir practices before our performance. Again, we will try and hold these around the same time combined events are happening, to try and minimize extra travel. You will be notified in advance of the combined choir practices.

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